Unfolded Perceptions
Markus Butkereit
Opening: July 24, 2020
Duration: July 24 to September 20, 2020

When lightning strikes, closely knit particles

— (any very small subatomic piece) — sepa-
rate. Dissolving from their previously close-
ness, a great charge releases from the sepa-
ration. In Markus Butkereit’s show UNFOLDED

PERCEPTIONS a theme emerges: the rearrange-
ment and distribution of particles. UNFOLDED

brings to the forefront a dialogue between
particles role with space, consciousness, and

wind; and points to particles as the foun-
dation of a belief system, where the ques-
tion is raised — can distribution of these

infinite numbers of very small matter be the
basis of existence and the reason for every
single thing that happens to us, and outside
of us? In it, there is a reflective quality of

weather, how the fissuring of particles mir-
rors all communication flowing and scattering.

Since every action causes a reaction, Markus
Butkereit substantiates and affirms this law
by showing how particles are broken up in the
eye of a storm only to separate and spread to
us. Like a tornado, chaos often ensues in the
aftermath of disaster. The work distributes
particles, which then moves with the wind.
UNFOLDED PERCEPTIONS is always on the move,
from the artist to the table to up and away
from you.
Space is the absence of the other; but what
if in actuality hidden in what seems to be

nothing is a presence so strong the very ac-
tions taken by you are dictated by the va-
cuum’s “nothingness”? In between each person,

interaction, and occurrence are an astrono-
mical number of small parts which move. Par-
ticles we cannot see, feel, touch, smell, or

find, yet are there.

Drawing from the physics of particle pre-
sentation, Buterkeit derives the installa-
tion UNFOLDED PRECEPTIONS from a tornado, and

here, opens the realm to space. With the re-
servation and finesse of particles, the ins-
tallation stands as a call for wind, power,

and particles to be released and explored.

In the center of the transportation medium,
the production of wind moving, flowing, and
exiting through a corridor into the chamber
whips particles into a special formation.
The air changes. New fields are excited into
creation. Here is where the development of
energy is key, as the field mixes movement
and creates an entirely new mode of presence,
existence, and state. From the pieces of the

audience to dust trapped in the air, the ins-
tallation is akin to a tornado’s possibility

for disrupting and rearranging a setting. The
moderator is the installation itself, with a
program centering around the audience being

the new creators of infinite forms of poten-
tial. As people move, so does the dispersion

of particles.

Markus Butkereit (1976) is an artist pre-
senting in museums and exhibitions in over

ten countries. His broad range of activi-
ties centralise in the presentation of large-
scale multimedia installations and activities

based on a spectra of operations spanning

art and society. Based on changing struc-
tures from within, there are layered revol-
ving structures which wreck the environment

as first noted; and ultimately, demanding more
from the space in which they are presented.

From his work building large-scale rube gold-
berg machines to finessing the explosions of

a series of chairs, Butkereit is known for
detailed and precise finesse that results
in chaos. He builds accessible discussions

between people by using fundamental laws ap-
pearing in physics and society by resting

the installations on a foundation of absolute

and objective reality. Informed and knowled-
geable, Butkereit unapologetically disrupts

and resolves questions related to knowledge

and speculation; chance and determinism; or-
der and chaos.

Text by Rose Pacult


artist run space

Im April 2017 gegründet und von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern betrieben, befindet sich der gemeinnützige Ausstellungs- und Pro- jektraumraum gr_und im Berliner Ortsteil Wedding. Als aktiver Raum steht gr_und fürdie Materialisierung kuratierter Konzepte. Ein Raum, der als Inkubator für Kollaborationen von KünstlerInnen jeglicher Medien agiert. Mit Fokus auf visueller Kunst, Performance, Sound und Sprache bildet gr_und eine Plattform zum Experimentieren und für die Wiederher- stellung des Status quo der kommerziellen Kunstwelt. Verschiedene mediale Ansätze finden sich bei gr_und wieder, in Form von Ausstellungen, Workshops, Musik-Events oder der eigenen open-source Kunstbibliothek. gr_und akzeptiert jederzeit Projektvorschläge und -bewerbungen und freut sich über Zines, Bücher, Platten, Videos und andere Werke.

Was ist das Besondere an unserem Raum für Kunstprojekte?

gr_und widmet sich der Kunst. Der Forschung und Recherche, die es KünstlerInnen ermöglicht, Projekte zu entwickeln und auszustellen. Unser Ziel ist es, KünstlerInnen zu unterstützen und das Wissen und Können in der zeitgenössischen visuellen Kunst und Kultur in Berlin voranzutreiben. gr_und bietet Raum für Experimente und Innovation und


Seestrasse 49 +(33) 6 61 55 25 70 13347 Berlin

fördert durch Residencies, Ausstellungen, öffentliche Programme, Bildung und Forschung den kulturellen Ideenaustausch.

Bei gr_und haben wir es uns zur Aufgabe erklärt, unterschiedliche Bereiche der Öffentlichkeit (Einzelpersonen, Familien, Schulkinder, Senioren, Menschen mit Behinderungen…) auf der Suche nach aktueller Kunst zu begleiten. Um sensorische Erfahrungen zu ermöglichen und Wissen über Werke zu vermitteln, entwickeln wir verschiedene Aktivitäten, Workshops und Werkzeuge. Auch Projekte mit pädagogischen Hintergründen und Ansätzen erarbeiten wir in enger Zusammenarbeit mit KünstlerInnen. Jeden Dienstagabend findet außerdem die „KunstlerSprechtStunde“ statt, in der KünstlerInnen sich mit dem Publikum über Kunstprojekte, Forschungsarbeiten, Konzepte und Techniken austauschen können, um das Kunstverständnis und die Projek- tentwicklung zu voranzutreiben.

Unser Ziel ist es, durch den Ausbau eines Netzwerkes von Projekträumen, Galerien und künstlerischen Institutionen, Partnerschaften rund um Ausstellungsprojekte und Kollabora- tionen im Bereich der Forschung, Kreation und Produktion zu entwickeln und gr_und damit auf das Niveau einer internationalen zeitgenös- sischen Kunstinstitution zu heben.

Be on the look out for information coming on a book by Markus Butkereit and Rose Pacult ….

TALISMAN Special Edition + participative performance @ österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin


Edition FUROR is exited to launch TALISMAN Special Edition + participative performance @ österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin

Participating artists live this evening


Please apply under or +49 (0)30 202 87-114

Aftershow party


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Xenia & Julia

– – – – – –

The Talisman includes a collection of body stick tattoos of more than 70 international positions contributing with artistic, poetic and literary art works. The form of the book resembles a stamp album and sustains the character of an individual collection which as well operates as a contemporary document.

Participating artists

Roman Achitz / Claudia Apel / Kurdwin Ayub / Karolin Back / Agnieszka Baginska / Mariola Brillowska / Ida-Marie Corell / Stephan Dill / Michael Dörner & Maria Wende / Hélène van Duijne / Eugen El / Cornelia Enderlein / Mert Esirci / Maximilian Eulitz / Club Fortuna / Roland Gätzschmann / Gelatin / Graw Böckler / Norman Hildebrandt / Barbara Höller / Hatschepsut Huss / Miriam Jonas / Aaron Klamp / Andi Klotz / Steven Kohlstock / Helena Kotnik / Charlet Kugel / Ruth Labak / Adriana Lara / Xenia Lesniewski / Nana Mandl / Boris Manner / Michail Michailov / Julie Monaco / Rachel von Morgenstern / Crystin Moritz / Adam Mühl / Solaris Ortega / Fabian Patzak / Rose Pacult / Ina Perog / Matthias Peyker / Maximilian Pramatarov / Konrad Prissnitz / Giulia Ricci / Maximilian Rödel / Andreas Rohrbach / Nadine Röther / Julia Rublow / Rekerb Sauer / Jessica Schäfer / Simon Schäfer & Eva Becker / Isabelle von Schilcherl / Ferdinand Schmatz / Hanno Schneggl / Marcus Sendlingerl / Ronja Stahll / Ivonne Stark / Sarah Sternat / Jan Stradtmann / Sylvester / Simon Veres / Zeljko Vidovic / Salvatore Viviano / Marcel Walldorf / Philipp von Wangenheim / Michael Wegerer / Niki Weitzer / Daniel Wind / Hendrik Wolking

The edition FUROR was founded in 2012 by Xenia Lesniewski and Julia Rublow in Vienna. The program of FUROR includes the production of experimental editions, progressive book objects, artist books as well as multiples and monographs in small editions.

New Book Release from the dream team ‘n me!! ,,Ich lerne schreiben: Schreiblehrgang Klasse 1, Heft 1” (Galerie im Turm)


Working with artist Thomas Bratzke and designer Matthias Hübner is the ultimate dream. I’m so thrilled to see this book actualized (–yet another one we’ve worked together on bringing to completion!–) and to see the reaction of people reading who are from the GDR AND, awesomely, the West. Such interest. When reading the interviews, transitory romanticism is avoided. It’s easy to see how the collective memories expressed  weakens the nearly automatic repressions/oppression experienced by youth raised  before Germany’s unification. Very cool and huge thanks to everyone who has helped.

It was very fun going to Flasch’s special collection (Flaxman Library) and seeing the excitement of the purchaser to see a book honoring so many impt. topics rarely delved so deeply into due to this kind of paralysis felt from having one’s country ripped from underneath them. Shoutout to them too!


Matthias Hübner


Melina Gerstemann, Rose Pacult


Thomas Espinosa 



Dr. Renate Tost for her professional support in the course of the research work on the topic of the school’s beginning penmanship courses.

the Sauer family for lending the exercise books of her daughter Christiane Sauer

Branka Pavlovic for her work on the camera and at the editing room.
Carsten Schultze and the choir students of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymna-
Berlin for participation in the production of the video “Frösi 2016”
Sonja Bekkadour, Lienhard Hinz, Matthias Hübner, Sylvia Krolkiewicz, Anke Lück, Jo Preussler, Dr. med. Karl Prehn, Marc Schamuthe, Karin Scheel, Mark Straeck, Mikka Wellner and Matthias Wermke for their willingness to participate in the video “Writing with JP Espinosa”
Boesner GmbH for support with artist materials

Galerie im Turm

Frankfurter Tor 1

10243 Berlin
Tel. +49 030 422 94 26
Galerie im Term is a facility of the Bezirksamts Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. With the generous support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe: exhibition communities galleries and funds for compensation.


Documentary Now! is up for 6 Emmy Nominations


My bros Ted and Matt work at Documentary Now!

Documentary Now!:

Matt Pacult was nominated for an Emmy under outstanding sketch variety show as a producer. The Emmys are this Sunday.  Be sure to watch and wish him and his work buds good luck.




6 Nominations No Emmys

Outstanding Directing For A Variety Series – 2019

    • Nominee
“Waiting For The Artist”
Broadway Video
Alex Buono, Directed by
Rhys Thomas, Directed by

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics – 2019

    • Nominee
“Original Cast Album: Co-op / Song Title: Holiday Party (I Did A Little Cocaine Tonight)”
Broadway Video
Eli Bolin, Music by
John Mulaney, Lyrics by
Seth Meyers, Lyrics by

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series – 2019

    • Nominee
Broadway Video
Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer
Fred Armisen, Executive Producer
Bill Hader, Executive Producer
Seth Meyers, Executive Producer
Alex Buono, Executive Producer
Rhys Thomas, Executive Producer
Andrew Singer, Executive Producer
Alice Mathias, Co-Executive Producer
Matt Pacult, Producer
Tamsin Rawady, Producer
David Cress, Produced by

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series – 2017

    • Nominee
Broadway Video
Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer
Fred Armisen, Executive Producer
Bill Hader, Executive Producer
Seth Meyers, Executive Producer
Alex Buono, Executive Producer
Rhys Thomas, Executive Producer
Andrew Singer, Executive Producer
John Mulaney, Co-Executive Producer
Alice Mathias, Producer
Scott Sites, Produced by

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series – 2016

    • Nominee
Broadway Video for IFC
Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer
Fred Armisen, Executive Producer
Bill Hader, Executive Producer
Seth Meyers, Executive Producer
Rhys Thomas, Executive Producer
Andrew Singer, Executive Producer
Erik Kenward, Supervising Producer
Hilary Marx, Producer
Alice Mathias, Producer
Stephanie Meurer, Produced by



James Mahlon Rosen’s Portrait

Portrait by James Rosen

My brilliant Zaida, James Rosen, sent me the accompanying portrait today, on the three month birthdays of my twin, feral kitten boys. The kittens overcame my life and heart oscillating neediness and constant freeness, and in the opposite expression, my grandfather has brought consistent care and careful insight. The many routes and detours end at the same destination.

Love gives hope and joy. A certainty is all that we love will disappear.

Love arrives as quick as love’s inevitable disappearance and absence.  Unexpected and unfinished, this yank and release anchors us to move to the future we already know will hurt. But we also know the end is never quite the end.

DANCE! New mix out by MISTERVACATION in The Fader, write up by Steffanee Wang

If you want to dance your day away, please allow me to introduce you to this mix by the always moving forward always moving us all the ways MISTERVACATION.

Writing below originally appeared in The Fader.

The Brooklyn DJ merges El Alfa, Evanescence and early aughts femme power pop for a good! ass! time!

January 24, 2019

Brooklyn DJ MISTERVACATION must delight in creating points of connection between disparate sounds because her new FADER Mix is full of them; each one bursts forth in a shower of renewed party-energy and surprise. The 24-year-old, who’s a medical student by day, has become a staple in the New York club scene. Last year, she made an appearance spinning at Solange’s Met Gala after party, and also performed at Afropunk Brooklyn. Now I think she’s focusing on her studies; she took her MCAT exam fall of last year, and is currently anticipating her impending graduation.

So be blessed today with MISTERVACATION’s club mix here, 44 minutes of clever, chaotic fun. It’s a grab bag of old and new: Dembow legend El Alfa and goth-pop group Evanescence make appearances, as does Kelela and a clubified Whitney Houston. But the transitions are what make it truly sublime. Halfway through, Kylie Minogue morphs into Rihanna and Future’s iconic “Loveeeeeee Song.” I must’ve lost my entire shit. The power that that had, the influence that that had, the ingenuity that that had… I could go on and on here, but you should hit play and experience it for yourself.


Papito Chulo – Ynfynyt Scroll 
Pon Ur Ha – Habibiboi 
Pa Jamaica – El Alfa 
Walk & Talk – Benoit & Sergio 
Bring Me To Life (Remix) – MNML
Yumeka/With Attitude – Classical Trax
Call Me When You’re Sober Edit – XAVTA
Trón – Kala Riobamba
How I Get It (Bootleg) – She Spells Doom
Fuck Me Faye Valentine x Pussy Ate (Cremosa Edit)
Whine – GRRL
Can’t Get You Outta My Head (Baltimore Club Mix) – LSDXOXO
Loveeeeeee Song (Edit) – DJ Assault
SURGEON LUV – Total Freedom
Better (DJ Slow fast edit) (La BoK club refix) – Kelela 
On Me (Bootleg) – Byrell the Great
Rinse & Repeat (Ase Manual Remix)
Psych Ward Edit – 204 Murdok 
Bet – CAEV
Praise the Lord – Dinamarca
Bedroom – Ian Isiah
FROM TIME TF CHOP – Total Freedom
Cut It Out – Stunna Girl 
808 (BSNYEA Edit) – KG
Slow Down (Edit) – Architect
The High (DJ J Heat Jersey Club Remix) – Kelela

Find mistervacation on Instagram as @realistic_lacefront

I just released Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1 + the 1st review is out!

Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1

I love Stormy, what can I say. recorded live in one session. stream of consciousnesses ….. first four tracks are unlike the last.

THANK YOU so much Beach Sloth for your WORDS:

Rose Pacult – Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1

Poetry, politics, and DIY come together as one with Rose Pacult’s defiant “Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1”. Rose Pacult employs her poetic sensibilities throughout the entirety of the collection, at times tapping into the playful harsh sarcasm of Kim Gordon. Her vocal style really rules supreme over the course of the collection. Storytelling works wonders throughout, letting the personal and the news merge together as one. A playfulness defines the entirety of the whole piece. The arrangements are kept to the essentials, sometimes kept down to a single lonely drum. Out of all of the thoughtful lyricism, a hope emerges, thanks to the power of Rose Pacult’s determination to see the bright light amongst all the darkness that can easily consume.


The collection begins with the blunt drums of the opener “stormy1”. A no wave kind of stream of consciousness comes to tie the whole thing together. Rose Pacult discusses the NDA Stormy Daniels signed to hide Donald Trump’s own mediocrity in bed. Brutality remains supreme while Rose Pacult’s sarcasm is a pure joy to witness. Swampy grooves help to anchor “stormy2” where Rose Pacult reveals her own astrological sign. Organs sound dusty and dying while Rose Pacult’s voice takes front and center stage. Dreamy vibes lounge about on “stormy3”. Rhythms have a ceremonial approach with the powerful “stormy4”. Atmospheric to its very core “stormy5” ends the collection on a surreal note, with the whole song seemingly disappearing into the air.


Rose Pacult sings the songs America needs to hear on the sharp biting wit of “Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1”.



Beach Sloth Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1


My Room from Rose Pacult

15 hours of footage compressed 2k x speed into 5 minutes looped with audio recording of my mom singing things to me in my room.

made at 3045 N Southport Ave, Chicago IL 2015

TALsounds – Berghain Kantine, Berlin from Rose Pacult


TALsounds – Berghain Kantine, Berlin from Rose Pacult on Vimeo.

Synths, vocals, reverb, loops, some noise, and occasional collaborations


ambient, experimental, improvisation

Band Members

Natalie Chami

Record Label

Releases on:

Ba Da Bing! Records

Hausu Mountain

Bookend Recordings

Cosmic Winnetou

Cricket Cemetery


TALsounds is Natalie Chami || ambient || experimental || improvisation ||


This is Natalie Chami’s solo project.

Other projects: Good Willsmith, l’éternèbre, Screaming Claws

Current Location





Technik Art Magazine Write up


Queen House présent : The Starting Point that will Also Be the Exit

Festival / exhibition / performances / projections / DJ / food&drinks

Avec la participation de :




11h00 : Portes Ouvertes

11h00 – 18h00 : Exhibition & installations

18h00 – 21h00 : Projection des films

21h00 – 00h30 : Performances musicales

00h30 – 03h30 : DJ


11h00 – 17h00 : Exhibition

17h00 : Fermeture


11h00 : Opening

11h00 – 18h00 : Exhibition & installations

18h00 – 21h00 : Film screenings

21h00 – 00h30 : Musical performances

00h30 – 03h30 : DJ


11h00 – 17h00 : Exhibition & installations

17h00 : Closing


The Souvenir Museum

Adresse à communiquer

Métro ligne 9 : station Mairie de Montreuil

Ⓑ Bus 129 : Paul Signac – Carrefour du 8 Mai 1945

De samedi 27 à 11h au dimanche 28 à 17h !!


prévente 10€ >>>
Sur place 15€


written slurped at amtrak’s 49er dining car may 2015 chicago to new york 24 hours 45 minutes

Historically locked and loaded the believers breeding decadence sway the line to navigate synonyms and antonyms. Political and social dialogue masked in leisure, so far from Calvinist conception of the self. Intelligibility of the world becomes a game of recognizing duality, confronting it to slash the form. I think of differences in affirmation and alienation // of autonomy and heteronomy // stupidity and ignorance // evidence and truth // self-disclosure and availability // informational and intuitive // silence and noise. We find each pair shares an assertion that undercuts relativism. Practical identity of an object unhinges without the reverse adequatation. Acknowledgement of the other side’s the intersubjective process needed to distinguish objectivity — in anything. To brush against a concrete object slashes the conceptual abstraction.

Because of this: Decadence becomes damn difficult to define. It depends on from which side you’re experimenting on and searching to understand, whether you’re mapping deliberate directions on an atlas or unrecognizing of landscapes, of clothing, of the self, lost. Because of this, decadence’s easy to define: it plays on, with, and to the individual. It becomes more than Husserl’s interactive coincidence. Forget it to recall,

Identity produces objectivity; hence today’s contempt decadence’s resurgence and revival. What better climate for the creator to frolic or paralyze, the condition of socio-politcal extremity’s the perfect time to deconstruct …or reassemble?

Today, we must consider Richard Braughtigan’s The Wild Birds of Heaven — daddy boasts of debt but good credit
— or we must consider Larry Salander’s sales — the elite’s de rigueur purchasing —
or we listen to Shawn Greenlee: Live March 15, 2013 — the clothing and the self we assemble under nudity —
or we think of Chanel Number 5 in May 2015 — NYC pop-up flaunting century-old scent under a trendy rouse —
or we might consider the following selective : [ words + syntax unedited, only  unreal removed]


Sue’s Marriage Might Be Failing

slurped  at amtrak’s 49er dining car
may 2015
dinners and noise
my wife makes it a last minute thing with sardines
we’re sitting at this table
it’s christmas
“it means something to you
doesn’t it”

you buy —
i buy perfume i buy i buy, you don’t get
free gift of a thing — a gift is uh
you, don’t get pleasure out of it i, get pleasure out of
actually i understand that
i purchase things and feel good

if you don’t purchase things to feel good
then you’re just a decorum
i could tell you what i’d buy for Sue

We’ve gotten lax on birthdays
and when i say we i don’t mean we i mean i
there are times i forget cards and things like that
and there are times You forget things like that
and i should ‘member
in my memory sight cause
my mother celebrates my birthday for one month
not one day

i just, it’s all fine
i like gifts giving gifts

another thing is you close a deal with a watch and money
and wanting to spend or you’re up for betting
but you’re in Minneapolis for work and you should go on the plane to get home
and you think i shoulda i shoulda i coulda got it all + got it through the door
you’re always betting


ill tell you what drives me crazy
what will shock you
it’s a point
in a clothing store, a coat store
if its 29 dollars or 139 dollars if it’s something like that
buy the damn thing
i know the color i know the buttons
there’s four
Sue will love it
she’ll accept it — with
she wants them anyway
she walks away

she looks at them she likes them she walks away
i say, do you like the shoes?
‘they’re nice”
fifteen years ill buy 80 pairs
but Sue,
Sue buys no pair

she’d have four pairs without me
i pay attention
to weather conditions and weather driven
shoes they’re wearing
i’ve seen from here down gym shoes and thought
look at this
yeah, look at this
they’re wearing their account
on their bones
out the shop

so i go home and i have a gazillion boxes and packages and boxes
and i go look under the tree and there’s a bunch of anchovies and
pencil erasers
and i mean really
under the christmas tree i don’t care where when you grew up
you put a lot under your tree
wrap each little thing individually
no splitting
of the money
go to christmas eve and two families
with lottsa
blankets and horses
and food
and presents
presents that move
no body even knows
the presents
the presence of presents
+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++

Pain, sex, pop, madness, death are all excess the self, body, beauty, mind, life.

But also,

Pleasure, abstaining, obscure, sane, birth are all excess as well.

The reality is, that all’s illusory. Sue’s husband needs materialism between himself and others to “feel good” and he looks at appearance to judge a false truth:

they’re wearing their account
on their bones
out the shop

or the individual object disguised to hide the true nature under the wrapping:

you put a lot under your tree
wrap each little thing individually
no splitting

If unwrapped the mask drops. But unmasking to explore fulfillment won’t ever reach fulfillment. The container has no backstage in which everything is clear, no theocratical backstage. The object is it. The person is it. The interplay of how to approach it remains.

Creating becomes the condition of the self. Restlessness and exhaustion whacks the artist acting as nihilist. Being-toward-death is exactly the same structure as being-with-others. To be with others detracts you from the ability to be alone — on your own — but at the same time people are needed to reveal to you who you are through affirmation or denial, which is why you cannot be who you really are with or without them. So the product of the alienated man is the object that’s worthy to explore.

Like in glass blowing, a Chihuly piece could take a week to finish, and years to know how to do it in the first place. Consider the intense, technical skill to make work in glass blowing. But watch how effortlessly glass falls from the flick of a wrist into the river to bob away from the creator.

Nietzchean view’s that art’s designed to serve life didn’t stop in the post-modern timeline. Stephen King’s On Writing fights for this tooth-and-nail contextualized with today’s artistic flirtation tendencies with perhaps. alcohol or opium or cocaine addictions.

So decadence is prevalent, whether we look with wonder or contempt, we look to objects and productions to indicate a stance or position. We need to travel far with our work to the absurd and the meek to the kinetic, so long as we move as far from stasis as possible. To cease objective values through subverting ceremonies and rituals that define man. At least, that’s one side of a decadent perception on being in the world. The creator’s take on it mens little in comparison to the work produced.

The through subversion of We to DH Lawrence in wonder or Sharon Olds in contempt, or
addiction conte P
discussion. middle ground of this.

Decadence needs the indecency of ignoring the is to detract you from the capacity to be on your own make work that succeeds in the half-wild, half-indecent



with wrapping paper to under wrappings to to individual disguised to

through appearance,

Heard there’s a hot revival of a Chicago Magazine

NEWS RELEASE:  Another Chicago Magazine makes a comeback.
November 7, 2017
Forty years after it began as a modest booklet of student work, and more than two years after its last print issue, Another Chicago Magazine has reinvented itself as an online-only publication. Issue #55 is out, featuring an interview with George Saunders after his Booker award. (“When I was young I really thought if you just wrote the right book, you could stop evil in its tracks.”)
It continues its recent affinity for publishing non-realistic fiction with Ben Loory’s fairy tales for adults, and Dan Moreau’s interweaving of the real and speculative in “The Palaces of Saddam Hussein.” Poet Jennifer Conlon asks a question that sounds familiar: “Why Did ____ Join If They Knew What They Were Signing Up For?” and Eliza Nichols translates a section of Franco-Somali author Patrick Erouart-Siad’s memoir of life with his mother in colonial Djibouti.
Chicago painter Joyce Polance contributes a striking image of a woman with a belt made of penises, with the evocative title, “Coup.”  Her paintings also accompany the poems.
Inline image
Editor of the new ACM is S.L. Wisenberg, who was nonfiction editor of the print magazine. Dan Gonzalez, former fiction editor, is managing editor. Former fiction reader Betty Scott now edits the fiction, and Matt Wood is nonfiction and digital editor. The poetry editor will be named soon. Kevin Coval is the free-ranging talent scout. The magazine includes an economy editor, Corbin Hiday, who will explore large societal questions.  
In the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, ACM was run by a stable group of editors, led by poet and biography Barry Silesky. Fiction editor was Sharon Solwitz, and Wisenberg joined as nonfiction editor. Simone Muench was longtime poetry editor. Under Silesky, the magazine became known for work that was both edgy and political in form and content. The online issue includes four prose poems by Silesky.
In its four decades, ACM has published writers from Charles Bukowski to Samantha Irby. It published early work by Jenny Boully, Ira Sukrungruang, and Kathleen Rooney, as well as a piece by a Chicago visual artist just beginning his writing career: David Sedaris. The magazine also published a chapter of Mira Bartok’s “The Memory Palace” her first book for adults, before the best-selling memoir was published.
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To My Hero, Thank You 

My moms the kind of lady who says things like:
Prevent; my mom says. Dont wait for it happen and to have a post plan. Never let it happen.
My mom was close to death.
She wrote a speech.
Please, if you’re on my blog, you must have an interest or reason to be here, so please know, out of anything,  read this.
Thank you so much. You’ll read a lot of Inspire.


My mother Shira’s name, in Hebrew, means song, My mother, before she is my mother, is a melody—her own melody. My mom is my hero, because of who she is and what she believes in unrelated to anyone else.

I am very honored to speak in front of you all tonight. I know so many of the good works you do in quiet anonymity. I know the good lives you lead. You have been a part of my world and made it better. It is also a big responsibility to speak on September 11th. The day our country was brutally attacked and many lives were lost. The message I want to bring tonight is about making our world better by starting with ourselves. I would to help others suffer less by bringing them to the YMCA. A place like this center that has made my own life much better.  

In the middle of one day I became confused. My life was in chaos. I was so sick I couldn’t open the door tomy bedroom. I couldn’t squeeze a tube of toothpaste to brush my teeth. Even standing on the tube with my foot, took effort for my foot. The physical pain was so strong, I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t tell what was good or bad. Then I thought to myself: positive is good, negative is bad.

Then I thought about something Tom said. God is love. or those who claim they live in the light but their life is in the dark, their life is a lie. I needed to change.

My body was telling me something was wrong while my mind was telling me everything was ok. In the end, my body won and finally convinced my mind I needed to make changes. I made many changes including cutting myself some slack and being kind to myself.

I went to the doctor and he helped me with medicine and regime. I had exercised throughout my life butwith my job working 70 hours a week and 4 kids and lots of other responsibilities my own life had fallen by the wayside. Then I went to the YMCA. I went to the desk and paid my membership fees which I had taken from my bank account.

I started with an exercise class. The music was happy music. My instructor was cute and had a big smile every day. My classmates included a Steuben County judge in shorts, who had very hairy legs and very little hair as well as an older couple, a woman whose husbandwas within days of death, young girls, a mother who looked like a movie star and had a handicapped son and many other upbeat people who encouraged me and made me feel welcome. As clumsy as I was, they worked with me to learn the steps and ignored me when I fumbled.

From there I started swimming every day. The water was clean and warm. There was a lifeguard who watched over me. There was even Tom Davis sitting in a chair near the pool watching over with me with a wise crack or two! I worked up to an hour a day, back and forth. I prayed for 20 minutes, I said affirmations for 20 minutes and I thought of my goals for 20 minutes. At the end of my 60 minutes, I took a hot shower in the clean dressingrooms. I brought nice shampoo and good smelling soap and lotions as my reward for exercising every day. I even bought a two new bathing suits. My first new bathing suits in 15 years.

I got better and better. I realized some things I want to share with you.

Emotions are good if we keep them in balance and listen to them. They tell us to pay attention. If we are anxious before company comes in one hour and we haven’t started dinner. Our emotions are telling us we need to get on the stick. That anxiety reaches us before our intellect. Anxiety, worry, fear seemed to dissolve in the water and flow right out the bottom of my feet.

We all face problems. Some of these problems become so big we can’t think straight. Some of these problems are such big challenges we can’t think or feel what we should do. From exercising at the YMCA daily, I learned to handle my emotions through exercise and when I was done the answers seemed obvious. I followed a simple rule. If it was positive it was good, if it was negative it was bad.  

I made a pact with myself to strive to find solutions. The YMCA was the solution for my health and well-being. Then I heard the mission of the YMCA and it was in keeping with what I found worked for me and it was simple.

Healthy Living: Improving the health and well-being of the community

Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child

Social responsibility: Giving back and proving support for our neighbors.

There was no politics in this. No hurricane Harvey’s or Irma’s. No gossip. No bad evening news. It wasall about making our section of the world here in Steuben County better. I decided that a key to life was just like the YMCA working on making myself healthier, the community healthier, helping kids and watching out for my neighbors.

The YMCA was in the light.

I want to talk to you about our programs.

Healthy living means all our exercise programs for silver sneakers, pool, wooden sauna, whirlpool, yoga, pilates, biking, running programs, walking programs and just about anything you can think of. We have a diabetes prevention program, a program called Live Strong that starts in January to help those in cancer treatment and recovering to get healthy and a soon to be program for Parkinson’s patients. There are also Zumba and weight rooms with instructors (did I say eye candy!)

Youth Development: Kids have lots of energy and they are our future. The Y has summer camps, soccer camps, basketball, swimming and much more. We even have babysitting for mothers. For Free. If a mom just exercised 3 times a week, the free babysitting she gets would pay for her membership. Young people are our future. They are our bright and shining stars. The Y offers a wholesome, safe place to come to, congregate at and creates a place for them to come with family and friends.

Social responsibility: The YMCA nationally has a program called Praesidium which is to prevent child sexual abuse. This is not a pleasant discussion but it is a necessary one since 3 out of every 10 children are abused before 18. So, the YMCA looks to stop this before it starts. We are also looking at taking this message out into the community to protect children in Steuben County through the Darkness to light Programs. Another way we help our community is make the Y available to kids to help them afford the YMCA.

Our annual campaign is trying to raise $150,000 called the Adopt a Child campaign to help bring our message to children. Children and people need to be cared for, live in the light and be healthy so I hope you will first start with yourself and then consider the community by adopting a child.  

Thank you for your time.

In my head I call my mom Benton, which is the first name in the pseudonym where she writes. I’m going to write about Benton and share with you a real heroic victory. My mom’s health is back to health.

I grew up in a small village at the crossroads of cornfields, forest, lakes, glacier pits, and trailers. My mom surrounded her kids, all four of them, around art (train art historian at Berkeley prior to becoming the founding executive director of a handful of companies), music, dance, textiles, books — OMG literally books off the shelves in stacks, books books books, radio, exercise, cooking, painting, mosaics -, wood carving, animals, and the space for each of her kids to develop individually into their own person.
I can’t and won’t speak for my siblings, but I can say my mom raised me to have a strong sense of identity and a strong moral compass. What does a moral compass mean? What is a strong sense of self? I feel like I was raised by My Mom to care more about having an identity and understanding of oneself because that will matter In the end much more than what that identity and what the moral compass is: which is to say she taught me to first have convictions, then have structure, then have structured convictions, then stick to the sense and learning and growth of the self with perseverance and resilience; and you can do anything you love.

My mom taught me to never mind anyone else’s path. Jealousy is ugly. Be happy for others, be sad for others, but never want to be someone else. She taught me heaven and hell are here on earth; no where else. She taught me to listen to the animals and the trees, because they are communicating with us, not a deity far away, but here, Here.

Because everything we need and everything that is extremely painfully hellish and meaningless happens here, we must have Jumbo Drive to pursue whatever is your interest with passion. For example, my mom never says this stuff. This lady I love instead surprises me with what she pursues.
For example;

1. Discover her hundreds* of movie reviews  online under pen name.

2. Thinking she was mocking Japanese person, being an asshole to her, because she was reciting some Japanese she learned as a child in Hawaii.

3. Having her watch IT crowd and sending me a grant to look over asking to return to school to study IT. She is now an “IT guy” in training.

4. Having her be so ill i worried she was going to go from this heaven hell plain and instead this woman who was so sick came to see me in Poland on her Birthday. She was so fucking determined to make it to the southern mountains, we actually got to the peak at the border of Slovakia.

5. Thinking she had one company and finding out later there were not 6, but 8.

6. Reading Bentons interview on what it’s like to be her: in a book by some whatever famous author on markets about the worlds top sixteen traders.

7. Sending me videos of her dancing in the mirror to pump up songs when I was sad.

8. Literally saving me from suicide bc manic depression so many times in high school that she gets the rest of my lifetime off from needing to do that anymore.

9. She’s smart. She’s so smart.. she’s scary smart.
She doesn’t give compliments either. Once I asked if she was proud of me and she said I’ll let you know, and then later said she wasn’t. Sounds harsh? It isn’t. She’s basically the Don Judd of Mothering. You and I and We are the future, and we need to be better always.

Also, Instead of yelling, she handwrites letters to explain. Her anger. Because she’s so smart I usually understand logically, not emotionally, her point, and I learn from it.
That being said, my mother has gone through so much w me. She’s gone thru so much in her life. I monopolise her time, because she’s so fascinating, Miss Benton, and we couldn’t be more different in many idealogies and views. That said, she taught me to appreciate the differences for all, not the differences for each.

My mom could have been dead today from her illness, or in excruciating pain, but instead, this hero of mine, is doing OK.
Thank you to my mom for taking care of herself and for having me, because living is so exciting and especially with having mom as my mom.

Club Fortuna @ 12th Krasnoyark’s Museum Biennial 2017 / Sibiria

lets think about 100 years of revolution.
We invite you to the opening
of the mir: the village and the world project in Siberia.
Club Fortuna present 

Jawbreaker II 
12th Krasnoyark’s Museum Biennial
5th of October
Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
6th of October 2017 to 28 of February 2018
#сибирьбиеннале #миримир #worldvillage
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Simon Mraz:

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