James Mahlon Rosen’s Portrait

Portrait by James Rosen

My brilliant Zaida, James Rosen, sent me the accompanying portrait today, on the three month birthdays of my twin, feral kitten boys. The kittens overcame my life and heart oscillating neediness and constant freeness, and in the opposite expression, my grandfather has brought consistent care and careful insight. The many routes and detours end at the same destination.

Love gives hope and joy. A certainty is all that we love will disappear.

Love arrives as quick as love’s inevitable disappearance and absence.  Unexpected and unfinished, this yank and release anchors us to move to the future we already know will hurt. But we also know the end is never quite the end.


DANCE! New mix out by MISTERVACATION in The Fader, write up by Steffanee Wang

If you want to dance your day away, please allow me to introduce you to this mix by the always moving forward always moving us all the ways MISTERVACATION.

Writing below originally appeared in The Fader.

The Brooklyn DJ merges El Alfa, Evanescence and early aughts femme power pop for a good! ass! time!

January 24, 2019


Brooklyn DJ MISTERVACATION must delight in creating points of connection between disparate sounds because her new FADER Mix is full of them; each one bursts forth in a shower of renewed party-energy and surprise. The 24-year-old, who’s a medical student by day, has become a staple in the New York club scene. Last year, she made an appearance spinning at Solange’s Met Gala after party, and also performed at Afropunk Brooklyn. Now I think she’s focusing on her studies; she took her MCAT exam fall of last year, and is currently anticipating her impending graduation.

So be blessed today with MISTERVACATION’s club mix here, 44 minutes of clever, chaotic fun. It’s a grab bag of old and new: Dembow legend El Alfa and goth-pop group Evanescence make appearances, as does Kelela and a clubified Whitney Houston. But the transitions are what make it truly sublime. Halfway through, Kylie Minogue morphs into Rihanna and Future’s iconic “Loveeeeeee Song.” I must’ve lost my entire shit. The power that that had, the influence that that had, the ingenuity that that had… I could go on and on here, but you should hit play and experience it for yourself.


Papito Chulo – Ynfynyt Scroll 
Pon Ur Ha – Habibiboi 
Pa Jamaica – El Alfa 
Walk & Talk – Benoit & Sergio 
Bring Me To Life (Remix) – MNML
Yumeka/With Attitude – Classical Trax
Call Me When You’re Sober Edit – XAVTA
Trón – Kala Riobamba
How I Get It (Bootleg) – She Spells Doom
Fuck Me Faye Valentine x Pussy Ate (Cremosa Edit)
Whine – GRRL
Can’t Get You Outta My Head (Baltimore Club Mix) – LSDXOXO
Loveeeeeee Song (Edit) – DJ Assault
SURGEON LUV – Total Freedom
Better (DJ Slow fast edit) (La BoK club refix) – Kelela 
On Me (Bootleg) – Byrell the Great
Rinse & Repeat (Ase Manual Remix)
Psych Ward Edit – 204 Murdok 
Bet – CAEV
Praise the Lord – Dinamarca
Bedroom – Ian Isiah
FROM TIME TF CHOP – Total Freedom
Cut It Out – Stunna Girl 
808 (BSNYEA Edit) – KG
Slow Down (Edit) – Architect
The High (DJ J Heat Jersey Club Remix) – Kelela

Find mistervacation on Instagram as @realistic_lacefront

I just released Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1 + the 1st review is out!

Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1

I love Stormy, what can I say. recorded live in one session. stream of consciousnesses ….. first four tracks are unlike the last.

THANK YOU so much Beach Sloth for your WORDS:

Rose Pacult – Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1

Poetry, politics, and DIY come together as one with Rose Pacult’s defiant “Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1”. Rose Pacult employs her poetic sensibilities throughout the entirety of the collection, at times tapping into the playful harsh sarcasm of Kim Gordon. Her vocal style really rules supreme over the course of the collection. Storytelling works wonders throughout, letting the personal and the news merge together as one. A playfulness defines the entirety of the whole piece. The arrangements are kept to the essentials, sometimes kept down to a single lonely drum. Out of all of the thoughtful lyricism, a hope emerges, thanks to the power of Rose Pacult’s determination to see the bright light amongst all the darkness that can easily consume.


The collection begins with the blunt drums of the opener “stormy1”. A no wave kind of stream of consciousness comes to tie the whole thing together. Rose Pacult discusses the NDA Stormy Daniels signed to hide Donald Trump’s own mediocrity in bed. Brutality remains supreme while Rose Pacult’s sarcasm is a pure joy to witness. Swampy grooves help to anchor “stormy2” where Rose Pacult reveals her own astrological sign. Organs sound dusty and dying while Rose Pacult’s voice takes front and center stage. Dreamy vibes lounge about on “stormy3”. Rhythms have a ceremonial approach with the powerful “stormy4”. Atmospheric to its very core “stormy5” ends the collection on a surreal note, with the whole song seemingly disappearing into the air.


Rose Pacult sings the songs America needs to hear on the sharp biting wit of “Daniel Storm’s Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1”.



Beach Sloth Stormy Daniel Mixtape #1


rose pacult