What Are Other People Thinking of You?

Do you ever wonder what someone thinks of you? I think a lot of you would be shocked to find out most people are thinking very positive thoughts about you.  There are traits in any single person that ought to be admired, adored, and are all inspiring.  The courageous are those waking up.  Every day is a day to kick ass, and today, simply by being here, by reading this, is a tribute to your courage.  Courage is a funny thing, hiding in the strangest places, and always there.  It just takes a certain amount of curiosity or necessity to find it.

Some days turn into a joke by the evening.  The day itself became a competition of how many people you can offend by early afternoon.   This is the nature of life.  Some days are meant to offend, and other days are meant to inadvertently offend.  The cure to this is drinking a hot cup of tea and listening to Brazilian folk music.  The way that the night turns out is in your hands, and you have the ability to change it.  Most of the time though, you may be better off taking a shower and going to sleep.  Tomorrow’s another day, Scarlett.

Rose Pacult

“what do people think of me?”

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