Reading Event: Alcohol Makes You Invincible


The bookshop was overflowing.  Books, lit lovers, drinks, and special guest author, dddddddumar Fukunovo, filled the bookstore, Hundt Hammer Stein.  A New York City local, dddddddumar Fukunovo graced Berlin with readings selected texts from his latest novel, Alcohol Makes You Invincible.   As his fourth book to be published, both loyal and new fans congregated on the third of July to hear him perform with a storm.

Per usual with his writing flow, the text delivers punch after punch, with the kind of lexicon that leaves an aftertaste in the mind.  For those unfamiliar, the plot grips you, unwilling to relinquish its hold over readers until the last page: the world is infected with hyperactive super-AIDS, and the narrator realizes the only one’s not dying off are the drunks.  Armed with a theory that drinking is a means to survive, the narrator grabs your hand and brings you along for…

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