gelitin ,,prosopopoeia”

Massimo De Carlo Gallery opens the 2015-2016 season with ,,prosopopoeia,’’ an exhibition crafted
by the Viennese collective Gelitin.  The gallery switches from a place reserved for observations to a 
rocambolesque carnival under continuous stimulation: visual and physical hydra hold our gazes.  
For years, we as a community, ask to collapse borders.  Now, we must demand it: to navigate life and art as a single entity, to experience ,,migration’’ only in terms of individual evolution, to remind artists 
of their responsibility to their work, to themselves, to us.  Within these projects, there is a celebration 
of individuality, an enquiry of the meaning of citizenship, deconstruction of ritualism, and ultimately the hope of connecting the past to the future to the horizons of possibilities. 



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