come watch me

last fall i starred in a film called pumpkin guts, directed by ryan saunders.

 i’m very excited to invite you to the premiere june 3rd at 6pm at chicago’s Music Box Theatre. 

not to guilt but if you live in chicago and do not attend i will feel unloved. 

please come! sit with me! 

queen house takeover

really looking forward to working on books anthologies and magazines for the foreseeable future.

thanks to chicago cultural center for the great weekend (14 may 2016)  and here’s to red fish writing workshop studio.

keep your eyes peeled for Queen House book updates. new work by rivkah gevinson and sarah squirm will be ready soon!


Favourite Music Video Ever!!

I encourage you to vote for this piece by these incredible fem artists Xenia Lesniewski and Julia Rublow here : It is a rarity to see Strand in play, they wander somewhere on an island between jupiter’s moons.

MUVI-KANDIDATEN 7: LICHTWELLE (STRAND), Regie Xenia Lesniewski und Julia Rublow. Unser siebte Clip.
„At indefinite places, beaches evolve and for unexplained reasons the two protagonists tell the archimedian story with a gesture of rituals.”
(zur Abstimmung: hhtps:// oder) 

A Building Is A Building

Public Work

Winterthur, Switzerland
Material: spray paint on different surfaces
16m X 10.5m

In collaboration with Brad Downey

Made with the intent for destruction.

We finished this up in September 2014. The buildings in this section of Winterthur, a terrific area outside of Zurich, were to be demolished in 2016.

It’s about the time for the public works solicited by the swiss gov. to disappear. RIP ❤