Anna Sui Animation Complete! 

Very, very excited to announce the release of animation for Anna Sui’s new perfume Romantica Exotica, completed by the team of: Anthony Vasconi, An Chin, and myself with producing by Jeannie Wonders and Casey Brooke Levy. All of us are on instagram at @jswonders @caseybrookelevy @teatimechin @tonivasconi and @rosepacult .

We had a wonderful team and did this in exactly seven days. What a process! SEVEN DAYS.

Part of the animation may be seen here:

It involved working around multiple cities whereever we ended up.

Photo: Anthony Vasconi and Rose Pacult in a garage in Downtown Chicago. 2016.

Photo: An Chin slaying away at her incredible design work at Queen House. 2016.

met an idol

after years of enjoying her work i finally met and talked to jen reeder and acted in one of her upcoming films, Signature Movie. I saw how she directs a set (how i hope to do it too now) and it was just inspirational.
watch my favourite freebie online shorts are here: (watch or unfriend)
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