My name is Rose Pacult and I am the author of the books Eggs (MARKET READY 2014), Knowing Zasd by His Walk Vol. II (Dokument Press 2016), Bending (Juste Ici 2016), Lighter and Lighter (Hausu Mountain 2017), and The Starting Point that will Also Be the Exit Vol. I (Queen House 2018), and I co-authored with Thomas Espinosa & Melinda Gerstemann Schreiben mit Jungpionier Espinosa (Galerie Im Turm 2018). Knowing Zasd by His Walk investigates the sculptures of Thomas Bratzke — the first graffiti writer ever to enter into a fine arts university in Western Germany after reunification. Bending studies the demolition from years 2014 to 2016 of the Swiss town Winterthur and is written in collaboration with the American sculptor Brad Downey. Lighter and Lighter is a poetry collection released with Lebanese opera singer Natalie Chami’s experimental record. Both works share a goal to entirely deconstruct classical training. Schreiben mit Jungpionier Espinosa is a biography a biography of Dr. Renate Tost, the woman who designed the penmanship course and handwriting style learned by all students of the G.D.R. from years 1968 to 1991, with the artwork of the Young Pioneers as photographed and put together by the young six year old in the GDR, Thomas Espinosa. Forthcoming are two books. The first book is a study of the wood shop located inside of the store Bauhaus in Berlin, Germany and the artists who frequent the bench there. The second book is a survey on the function, history, and scope of letter-writing from 1950 to today. This survey is spread throughout a letter detailing an attempted murder in the 21st century in NYC.

My side project of the last year is on Turkmenistan and this work is supported by the Manhattan Research Library Initiative. I have spent the greater part of the last year travelling to interview defectors, students, and working Turkmen located in Germany, Turkey, and America. I will continue these interviews, in addition to give English lessons, and search for legal support in America for some. I have used libraries in Chicago, private and public, and NYU, Columbia, Princeton, and NYPL for my research into the country. Currently, I ask the question, how did the place of eight decades ago and the semi-nomadic of that time turn into the Turkmenistan of today? To answer this question I need more information on the country prior to President Niyazov, as well as prior to 1924, with a focus on Turkmen tribe in the mid 19th century: Yomuts, Takes, and Ersaris. I am focused on writing my sixth book on Turkmenistan. I have exhausted NYPL’s articles, books, and digital collections. This is a large project that is well underway, but at the same time, not yet a dent has been made. I plan to spend a great length of time studying the country, the people, and developing relationships with those in Turkmenistan in the hope that as I have more historical background I will greater understand the geo-political scene at play today, and eventually strategise the exact layout of this book.

you can find more on my select publications page

Rose is a grant writer and education advocate for NYC’s Public School System, helps when she can at Possible Books in Berlin, telecommutes to CF Productions in LA, runs Queen House Books intl. and travels as a creative consultant when not teaching, researching, and crafting her own works.

Please feel welcome to write me @ rose@queen.house Find me on socials @cutist_cultist


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rose pacult