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My Room from Rose Pacult

15 hours of footage compressed 2k x speed into 5 minutes looped with audio recording of my mom singing things to me in my room.

made at 3045 N Southport Ave, Chicago IL 2015


What Are Other People Thinking of You?

Do you ever wonder what someone thinks of you? I think a lot of you would be shocked to find out most people are thinking very positive thoughts about you.  There are traits in any single person that ought to be admired, adored, and are all inspiring.  The courageous are those waking up.  Every day is a day to kick ass, and today, simply by being here, by reading this, is a tribute to your courage.  Courage is a funny thing, hiding in the strangest places, and always there.  It just takes a certain amount of curiosity or necessity to find it.

Some days turn into a joke by the evening.  The day itself became a competition of how many people you can offend by early afternoon.   This is the nature of life.  Some days are meant to offend, and other days are meant to inadvertently offend.  The cure to this is drinking a hot cup of tea and listening to Brazilian folk music.  The way that the night turns out is in your hands, and you have the ability to change it.  Most of the time though, you may be better off taking a shower and going to sleep.  Tomorrow’s another day, Scarlett.

Rose Pacult

“what do people think of me?”

Surviving the Apocalypse: Loving Yourself After a Break Up

The human condition mandates that at least once in your life, your heart will be broken.  This happens sometimes, if you are lucky, at an early age, with a material object that you weren’t allowed to bring home with you…yes mom, I mean that doll I really wanted back when I was six.  Thigh slapping jokes aside, heartbreak is real, and some of us are rather unfortunate to experience the real beating up of our hearts.  Whether you are coming from a separation, a break up, a divorce, or a rift in your relationship you deserve to know you are the most important person you need to love, and being kind to yourself during a tough time can ultimately lead to not only your glamorous survival, but also your healing and self fulfillment.


This is a letter composed to YOU: alterations may need to be made to fit your specific situation, but the truth remains the same; you are going to be okay without a partner.

Dear Myself,

I know that this is going to be difficult for you.  You have spent the last portion of time completely dependent on one person.  It made life very easy.  Although I really love Zeus*, the opportunity to grow and develop as a person in the next few years is vital for you to do.  Even in your most lonely of hours, remember that what you are doing has a purpose.  You need to mature and live positively in order to reach the level of life you want.  You have the ability to be a strong, intelligent, and independent person.  You cannot be in a relationship that is this serious if that is your ultimate goal.  You are not ready for someone to rely completely on you, nor are you ready to completely rely upon another.

You are okay! You will be Okay.  Remember, the grass on this side was not always green, and the grass on the other side was not always green too.  However, the lessons you learn from this relationship are important:

Take your time with things

Think twice about your decisions

Your family is very important

Never rely on someone else for financial support

Be honest and open in your relationships

Do not fight with anyone to sabotage something

Open your heart to the world

It is okay to fall in love, but stay true to yourself

Embrace what you believe in

Education is important

Opportunity is everywhere

Don’t forget to keep calm and carry on

It is always blue behind the clouds

Never allow someone to take your power

It is far better to be alone and really look at the world and yourself, than it is to be with someone who is not right

Intensity can be bad

Fight urges to rebel against your ideals

Learn to Love You more than anyone else

Learn to be peaceful Entirely Alone

Keep Balanced



*Zeus screwed over everyone; I like to think any ex is really just Zeus coming down from Mount Olympus.