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Today I walked outside and wore a hat. I took off the hat so I could see better. And I did. I saw much better. Here is a part of my walk!

James Mahlon Rosen’s Portrait

Portrait by James Rosen

My brilliant Zaida, James Rosen, sent me the accompanying portrait today, on the three month birthdays of my twin, feral kitten boys. The kittens overcame my life and heart oscillating neediness and constant freeness, and in the opposite expression, my grandfather has brought consistent care and careful insight. The many routes and detours end at the same destination.

Love gives hope and joy. A certainty is all that we love will disappear.

Love arrives as quick as love’s inevitable disappearance and absence.  Unexpected and unfinished, this yank and release anchors us to move to the future we already know will hurt. But we also know the end is never quite the end.

My Room from Rose Pacult

15 hours of footage compressed 2k x speed into 5 minutes looped with audio recording of my mom singing things to me in my room.

made at 3045 N Southport Ave, Chicago IL 2015


Get your edition now, limited copies available! Short stories poetry interviews stickers photography and dope folks

Limited Edition

Size: 8 x 10 in
Pages: 56p + 2 stickers
Printed in United States

Rose Pacult
Dani M Kay
Alexa Lopez
Veda Leslie
Becca Griffin
Sara Sutterlin
Tess Johnson


Kraków Poetry Reading Evening (Multi-Lingual)

IMG_4139Come join us for a night of wine, candles, blankets, and poetry read
in the language of the native speakers this Friday evening in the
courtyard at 9 PM 03.28.2014.

We wish to cordially invite you to either come to listen, or with
poetry to read, as well as ask anyone you know who may be interested
to join.  We are so happy to welcome you
to our night of fine dining and listening.  Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to read.

Przyjdź do nas na noc wina, blasku świec,  ciepłych kocy, i poezji
w wielu językach. Piątek
o 9 wieczorem na dziedzińcu starej kamienicy.

Przyjdźcie posłuchać lub podzielić się swoja poezja, przyprowadź przyjaciòł. Wszystkie odczyty są mile widziane

Proszę, przynieś 5 złotych (zrzutka na wino) lub swòj własny trunek.

21:00 03.28.2014