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New Book Release from the dream team ‘n me!! ,,Ich lerne schreiben: Schreiblehrgang Klasse 1, Heft 1” (Galerie im Turm)


Working with artist Thomas Bratzke and designer Matthias Hübner is the ultimate dream. I’m so thrilled to see this book actualized (–yet another one we’ve worked together on bringing to completion!–) and to see the reaction of people reading who are from the GDR AND, awesomely, the West. Such interest. When reading the interviews, transitory romanticism is avoided. It’s easy to see how the collective memories expressed  weakens the nearly automatic repressions/oppression experienced by youth raised  before Germany’s unification. Very cool and huge thanks to everyone who has helped.

It was very fun going to Flasch’s special collection (Flaxman Library) and seeing the excitement of the purchaser to see a book honoring so many impt. topics rarely delved so deeply into due to this kind of paralysis felt from having one’s country ripped from underneath them. Shoutout to them too!


Matthias Hübner


Melina Gerstemann, Rose Pacult


Thomas Espinosa 



Dr. Renate Tost for her professional support in the course of the research work on the topic of the school’s beginning penmanship courses.

the Sauer family for lending the exercise books of her daughter Christiane Sauer

Branka Pavlovic for her work on the camera and at the editing room.
Carsten Schultze and the choir students of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymna-
Berlin for participation in the production of the video “Frösi 2016”
Sonja Bekkadour, Lienhard Hinz, Matthias Hübner, Sylvia Krolkiewicz, Anke Lück, Jo Preussler, Dr. med. Karl Prehn, Marc Schamuthe, Karin Scheel, Mark Straeck, Mikka Wellner and Matthias Wermke for their willingness to participate in the video “Writing with JP Espinosa”
Boesner GmbH for support with artist materials

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